2014 Calendars

PL Miller 2014 Calendar
PL Miller 2014 Calendar

The 2014 calendars are at the printer’s! You’ve seen some of the pictures posted on here through the year, but there are a few new ones and some surprises. A snapshot of each one can be seen on the cover. Expected delivery date to the studio is December 10, and I’ll start shipping them to you as soon as they arrive. Price: $15 each.

How do you get yours? Send me an e-mail or call me (check the Contact link for the info), or use the mail order form (under Purchase). Don’t wait until December 10; if the first batch sells out, I can’t promise to have a second shipment by Christmas.

Another option will be to purchase at Hands-Around-the-World at 111 E. Main St. in Jonesborough, TN (the turquoise-colored shop right across from the courthouse).

If you MUST HAVE ONE NOW, you can order online at CafePress for $17.99. (You can also get a peek at the pictures included.)